My Sister’s Ghost

I was at my sister’s apartment the other day when she started asking me questions about ghosts. Being a minister I get asked questions like this all the time so it’s no big deal. I got the usual, “Is there really such things as ghosts, and can they hurt you?” type stuff. Since it was my sister I asked her what was going because these questions are usually followed by a ghost story. She told me that in the house her and her boyfriend lived in, she noticed strange things, like the blender coming on and turning off, and other things like that.

If that were not creepy enough, she told me that one day her and her daughter were taking pictures with her cell phone (my niece loves to have her picture taken). As my sister was snapping the shot my niece fell to the ground. This is the image that was on her camera phone. This is not an altered image, it is exactly how she sent it to me: From her cell phone to mine. You can see my sister’s leg in jeans and my nieces leg at the bottom of the picture. What do you think?


Here is the same picture with details pointed out.

Ghost break down

So what do you think? Pretty Creepy…


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